Construction Industry for Schools

School boards in NZ have a need to constantly balance the need to attract good students with high quality facilities while not increasing debt servicing costs necessitating higher fees. Schools with roofing Timaru also need any new projects to be completed quickly with minimal fuss to ensure minimal disruption to school life for the students.

The small contracting niche who service schools implicitly understand the schools’ requirements, and have adapted their business processes across the board to ensure they deliver on requirements while remaining nicely profitable. The end result is that only a handful of favored contracting companies get to service this niche, such is the importance to  schools of the work being finished on time and with minimal disruption. Click this link for more info.

The wider contracting community would do well to study this niche, as there are lessons to be learnt for all niches. Customers love contractors that finish a project within a restricted time window, with minimal fuss and inconvenience and with a final result that meets all requirements and looks great.

The roofing industry for example is serviced by a very large number of companies (including many “cowboy” operators), and in the current high-demand environment are largely getting away with a laissez-faire treatment of customers. This in not a wise move, given the massive impact of social media and poor customer reviews that exist online pretty much forever. The current demand bubble will not last, and when that happens customers will be less accepting of prior poor reviews (for any reason), and will gravitate towards the most trusted companies and brands.

Repeat business and trusted referrals is a very profitable marketing weapon for those niche contractors servicing schools, and they provide many good examples for the wider industry to follow. Excellent project management with minimal disruption are attributes desired by residential customers as well as schools, and social media means that the residential customer of the future will know about the failings of any contractor in the past. One suspects that a number contractors will be forced to re-brand in the future once the current building boom is over.


Welcome to our school! We have the best kids in the world, yay! We teach the best stuff! We are awesome! You should all totally come to our school and be our classmates, because we’re just that awesome.

Me being the MAN* (Not actually me)

My name is Steve, and I’m 12 years old. I go to CCS because I’m awesome and this school is awesome like me. I like ice hockey, do you like ice hockey? BRUINS FOREVER WOOOO!!! The Bruins are going to beat the Flames today, I can feel it. Also, my school has the best ice hockey team ever. They don’t actually win many games but they’re a nice bunch of people, very friendly.

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